Frequently Asked Questions about Rover Heights Pet Care Services

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Family Style Pet Care

What services do you provide? Rover Heights Pet Care Services offers pet sitting, dog walking, dog training using positive reinforcement, and pet taxi services by trained, animal loving professionals. All of our services can be found on our Services page.

Where are you located? We are located in the heart of Central Tampa. Our coverage area includes the neighborhoods in and around Seminole Heights, Tampa Heights, Ybor, Channelside, Downtown, & Davis Island. 

Is my pet care provider insured, background checked, and social media vetted?  Yes to all three. Rover Heights Pet Services is insured by Pet Sitters Associates. All staff members are background checked and social media vetted. We are professionaldog walkers and pet sitters.

Are all Rover Heights Staff okay to walk my dog(s)? All of our staff goes through a brief-to-lengthy orientation and a walk(s) prior to being assigned to a pet. To ensure everyone is comfortable, including the pets.Dog walking is one of our specialties.

How do you conduct dog training? Jenny and Gina practice and study the latest dog training socialization techniques and uses positive reinforcement and are members with the APDT. 

Do you offer any services while pet sitting? Yes. Under our care, we give your pet fresh water, change the litter, administer medication in pill form, check your mail, water your plants. We also use a journal and take pictures at no additional cost.

What about keys and security?
 Please have at 2sets of keys made for the initial walk. During pet care services all of the keys are kept in a secure lockbox or combination safe, and in a secure location. All of your personal information is respected and kept confidential to ensure your privacy and safety.

What if I need the keys back?
Although many of our clients choose to leave a key under Rover Heights care, for future pet care services when you need the keys back after services are rendered, we will be happy return them to you at your choosing. 

Do you take vacations? Yes, we do take vacations from time to time. For our regular clients, you will be notified 2-4 weeks in advance for short vacations. You will be notified 4-6 weeks in advance for longer vacations. If pet care services are needed during these times, a reliable and qualified pet professional will be made available to provide the same quality care, in our stead. 

What if I have a lot of pets? We love large pet families and foster pets. Our pet visits fee included 1-3 pets depending on their size and species. For example: 3 small dogs, 3 medium dogs or any variation is offered the same pricing. If a family has a household a variation of medium and large dog breeds or more than three pets, there is a $5 fee added for each service needed.  

For household (families) of multiple cats, birds or other animals, the same 2-3 pets per household still may apply and is determined cases by case.

What if my pet has fearful or aggressive tendencies? Depending on the nature and level of these tendencies, it is your duty to provide as much information about your pet, prior to signing up.


What if I have more questions? If you need more information or have concerns, we will gladly set up a free consultation where we can go over all the details of our service and policy information with you. You can also contact us on our Connect page.